My website looks funny

My website looks funny

We recently launched a new site for a client and, while they are happy with it, they asked some pretty pointed questions about why it looked different in different browsers. As I put together my response, I realized that they’re probably not the only ones wondering why their site shows some minor differences in different browsers.

First off, while you may test your site in multiple browsers, the average user of the site is not going to look at the site in three different browsers at the same time so the inconsistencies you may see are not going to be apparent to your visitors. By and large, people have one favorite browser they use. Even if they were to use another browser to look at the site, they likely wouldn’t do that at the same time.

Why the site displays differently in different browsers is a more important consideration.

Selling and the uncomfortable client

Selling and the uncomfortable client

I was waiting for a call back from a client this afternoon and spent my few extra minutes scrolling through Seth Godin’s blog posts. One from May about selling vs. inviting caught my eye. As a business owner, I am not only responsible for making the business go, I’m...

Sending unintentional messages

Last week I was nearly run off the highway by a tan BMW emblazoned with the name name of a local dealership. I was so shaken, and so pissed off, that I was compelled to call the dealership and tell them what just happened. After a not-really-funny comedy of errors to...

Mind your manners

I was at a business networking event last week with a roomful of very important muckety mucks and the most strange and wonderful thing happened. I met a gentleman early in the event and we began a conversation that I felt we never finished, which gave me a wonderful...

Staples saved my business last weekend

We had a catastrophic computer failure here at Savoir Faire HQ last Friday morning. You know, the kind of thing that will put a small business out of business for a few days? Nothing interesting happened, just the blue screen of death and then a crunchy little “click”...