Where should you put your company blog?

We’ve seen blogs set up using both these methods, a subdomain ( or a subdirectory (

At one time, subdomains were the preferred way for separating and structuring content particularly due to the ease of using subdomains from a technical perspective.

But these days, search engines may see subdomains as separate from your main domain. Thus, all that great content and those great links you’ve got on your blog would not contribute to your main site’s data signals and ranking signals.

MOZ, a provider of SEO tools and training, experimented with subdomains and subdirectories to prove this hypothesis.By moving content between a subdomain and then to the main domain, they found a boost in search traffic when content was moved to the main domain using a sub directory.

Bottom line: unless your blog and your main website are hosted on two separate systems, use a subdirectory within your main website for your blog.

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