Facebook has released usage data for Stories and the numbers reveal opportunities for brands to benefit from a shift in content consumption through careful story content planning and strategy.

Adoption of the fleeting post format provided by Snapchat was slow among non-teens, but since being introduced on Facebook and Instagram as “Stories,” the content type has gained traction and may overtake the Newsfeed fas the preferred method of content consumption on the social media platforms.

In a recently-released report, users of Stories have indicated that Stories have created or strengthened their relationship with a brand, giving them a way to get to know new products and services in an ad-free environment.

Not only are they getting to know the brand through Stories, 56% reported they browsed the brand’s website after interacting with or seeing a story.

For more compelling stats, see Social Media Today’s post on the growing potential of Stories for brands and how the data can inform decisions and create success.

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