If your target audience represents a specific age range, your customers will ultimately pass through that target age range.
Each generation, despite sharing a common age at a point in time, will bring different experiences and views and will thus need to be marketed to differently.

For example, with aging Millennials emerging as luxury consumers, it’s important for luxury brands to adapt, rather than relying on traditional views of the luxury consumer and how to market to them.

What worked for the 30-something luxury Baby Boomer back in the 1980s won’t work for today’s 30-somethings.

In this article from Forbes, Chris Quiocho outlines four ways luxury brands can stay relevant. But it’s really good advice for any brand:

  • Align your brand with your audience’s values
  • Build awareness through the media your current audience uses
  • Develop relationships and build communities
  • Cultivate positive interactions through communication

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