Content production can be hard.

Content can be a challenge. We’ve mentioned it before…here, here and here. (Are you sensing a theme?)

Content has become a necessary part of any successful digital marketing strategy. Whether you do it yourself or have a content marketing team, producing content can be a difficult and time-consuming process.


For some people, writing comes naturally. They have an idea, type up a quick 500 word post and share it with the world. For others, writing can be an excruciating chore. For the latter, here are 5 tips from CopyBlogger to help speed up the writing process.


Even if you are not solely responsible for producing your company’s content, production can still be challenging. Marketo has published “5 Ways to Speed Up your Content Editorial Process,” which can help you develop your content team, set roles, and establish tools and guidelines for managing it all.

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