It’s that time of year. Time to open the windows, clean out the closets, eliminate the dust and clutter, fix all those little things that broke and take stock of your house and your future plans. It’s also a great time to clean up your social media.

Over time, your social media presence can begin to have issues, whether because the core functionality of the channel has changed, your audiences has changed or your business has changed.

  • Clean up your passwords. Hacking has become more and more prevalent especially among popular social media sites. What was once a strong password may no longer pass muster.
  • Evaluate which apps have permission to post to your page or pages.
  • Review admin permissions. As employees leave or roles change, the required social media access may need to change as well.
  • Update your imagery and photos. Imagery can get stale over time. If it’s been awhile since you updated your profile or cover photo, consider giving it a refresh.
  • Reread your profiles descriptions. Are they consistent across all your social media channels? Do they accurately describe your business or should they be edited to reflect any changes to the business structure, mission or offerings?
  • Update your contact information.
  • Look at your analytics. Throughout the year, we often compare weekly or monthly stats to the previous period. Take a moment to see where you were a year ago; just because this month was better than last doesn’t mean you are better off than where you started.
  • Update or create a social media policy. With the accessibility to social media by employees both on and off the clock, it’s important to establish guidelines for usage.

For more tips, see’s 30 Quick Tips to Spring Clean Your Social Media Presence.

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