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Ever wonder how you can get your content to appear in the coveted featured snippet location at the top of a Google Search Results page which can get you over 500% more organic search traffic?

In case you aren’t sure what a featured snippet is, it is a short answer to a user’s search which is extracted from a webpage and displayed at the top of the results page or in the right column of the results page. Google is able to recognize when a user asks a question and can detect pages that answer that question.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Be at the top of the search results for a query you’d like to appear for. Featured snippets are usually pulled from listings within the top 12 results.
  • Use questions in your page titles and even your section headers.
  • Use HTML tags to identify your headers and call attention to the questions.
  • Use lists. Lists can be easier for Google to index and readers to read.

For more tips, read How to Get Your Content to Appear in Featured Snippets by Brian Sutter.

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