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The Southern NH HubSpot User Group (SNHHUG – pronounced “snug” – for short) is one of almost a hundred Hubspot User Groups (HUGs) around the world. These groups were created to build a community and provide networking and learning opportunities for inbound marketers as well as anyone interested in inbound strategies and/or HubSpot software. The events are held quarterly.

SNHHUG is for HubSpot customers and non-customers alike. While we do discuss specific Hubspot tools with regard to inbound strategies, SNHHUG focuses on generating interest in and discussion of inbound marketing techniques in general. It’s for people who love and practice inbound marketing and for people who are just learning about inbound marketing. It’s for those currently employed in a marketing role and those who aren’t direct marketing practitioners. 

Marketing has changed with unsettling velocity in recent years. You may have noticed that your customary marketing efforts have lost effectiveness. New marketing disciplines are evolving to meet these challenges and they’re not beyond your reach. SNHHUG wants to help you explore the new tools and guide you through the “inbound playbook.”

SNHHUG meets at The Shaskeen Irish Pub in downtown Manchester. The Shaskeen’s back room offers a casual meeting space where you can network and learn in an intimate and unintimidating setting. We provide light appetizers to help bridge the gap between work and dinner, and we’ll even buy everyone a drink.

For SNHHUG’s Q1 meetup, we’ll focus on lead generation.

Lead generation refers to a conversion process of website visitors from their initial exposure to a “call-to-action” to their subsequent completion of information on a landing page and the thank you page that makes good on the promised offer. With inbound, you attract visitors or potential leads through your blog, keywords and social media. You then use forms, calls-to-action and landing pages to convert those visitors into leads.

We’ll discuss best practices regarding the above elements and persona-targeted content based on your buyer’s journey through the “stages” of the decision making process. We’ll also look at ways to be more efficient with your lead generation using content mapping tools and content recycling. 


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