Small change; big difference

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Websites | 0 comments

In user-experience design, everything matters: fonts, location, colors, relativity, architecture, feel, texture, etc. On websites, small changes to elements can vastly improve the user’s experience and overall satisfaction.

UX designers try to make the website experience favorable, easy, and intuitive.  On membership sites, the UX designer creates a path to easy conversion – to make sure visitors can easily become members – using large colorful buttons and text. But often, the existing member is ignored.

The member has signed up and, upon return, can’t find where or how to “sign in.” The login link is tucked away someplace; the font is small; there is no distinguishing color. It’s as if you no longer matter.

This is common in the communications industry. How often do cable and telecom companies offer reduced new-customer monthly rates for the first year while existing and loyal customers get no discounts, offers or specials year after year? They take the same mentality with their websites.

Considering the cost of acquisition and the lifetime value of a customer, it might be time to make your members feel a little more important and make that sign in link a little more prominent.

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