Customers want what they want, and they want it NOW. Here’s why you should care.

Why should the impatience of today’s consumers matter to your business? It should matter because it’s something you can count on. Consumer behavior is being driven by four main impulses, which Google defines as micro-moments, or “I wants.”

If your business can show up for those moments, you have a better chance of getting their business.The four main micro moments, or “I wants,” include:

  1. I want-to-know

  2. I want-to-go

  3. I want-to-do

  4. I want-to-buy

Each moment represents an opportunity for instant gratification that today’s consumers seek to satisfy, and they often do this by searching for the solution on their mobile devices.

Learn more about micro-moments and winning at the I wants, and how it can help you to capture more potential customers, in our blog.

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