SEO vs. Conversion-focused Landing Pages

by | Last updated Dec 6, 2021 | Published on Dec 5, 2016 | Strategy & Analysis | 0 comments

Rank or convert: Which is more important?

As you might expect, the answer really depends on what you’re trying to achieve with a particular landing page. MOZ’s Rand Fishkin suggests that, although more often it makes sense to focus on one or the other, there are certain situations where it may be beneficial to try to accomplish both.

However, the approach to building an SEO-focused page versus a conversion-focused page is very different. And, as Rand says, “When you try and mix these, things get a little challenging.”

Whether you want to rank for generic or conversion-focused keywords, or you want to convert visitors on the page, there are cases for each type of landing page. For examples of when to focus on what, read the full article here.

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