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Trends come and go. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t important or should be ignored.  As 2018 draws to an end, it’s a good time to look at what SEO trends will matter in 2019.

Mobile-first indexing: This means Google will use the mobile version of your site as the primary version for indexing and ranking. Why might this be important? If your mobile site is a pared down version of your desktop site, the lack of content could have negative effects on your SEO.

Page speed: Users want fast load times. Therefore, Google wants fast load times. While Google has been using desktop page loading as a ranking factor for some time, it is now also looking at mobile load times. It is also changing how it evaluates page speed and traditional optimization may not be enough.

Brand as a ranking signal: Google is using brand mentions in its search algorithm. As such, backlinks remain important, but so does your reputation online.

GDPR: As a result of GDPR regulations, Google is introducing changes to Analytics, automatically expiring personal user data (including demographic and affinity data) after 26 months. If you have no European customers, you can change your settings and switch to “do not automatically expire.” However, there are risks to making this switch.

Learn how each of these affects your SEO and analytics and what steps you can take in the new year to stay ahead of the trends.

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