Visits are great. But what about after the click?

SEO efforts can’t stop after showing up on page one of a search engine results page and getting a visitor to click.

Once a user gets to your website, what will he or she do? Has the page been optimized to convert the visitor or to lead the visitor through a conversion path, prompting him or her to take an action before leaving the site?

Because every website page is a potential landing page, pages need to be optimized for what a user does, possible conversion paths and conversion opportunities to drive natural search into revenue. This is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

CRO however is oft-overlooked by SEO professionals because it is outside the usual tasks related to optimizing for search engine rankings.

However, because business revenue is tied to website conversions, and SEO performance gets visitors to the website, practitioners should be equally concerned with optimizing for conversions and bringing the right audience to the right pages.

Learn more from Jill Kocher Brown in her article “Include CRO in Your SEO

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