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In the early years of the internet, many businesses built websites that functioned as online versions of their company brochures. As people began to search for those brochures online, we saw the birth of SEO.

However, in order to serve up better results for their customers and adapt to how people search, search engines made adjustments to their algorithms, forcing SEO and websites to evolve and improve.

People are searching in a far different manner than they ever have. Rather than stringing together a few keywords, they are asking complete questions to solve problems and find answers and they expect up-to-date, relevant information.

To provide useful results for these answer seekers, search engines need to find and index volumes of quality content—not just content that has been tagged with general or even long-tail keywords.

Thus began the marriage of SEO and content.

Let’s examine how they work in concert.

Content provides useful, valuable information targeted to audience needs and inquires, but content must be based on solid keyword research and SEO technical specification. Additionally, content that is deemed quality and relevant earns links back to it, which is a critical component of SEO. Lastly, SEO feeds off of fresh content that is more likely to be indexed and register in search engine results. Content marketing provides this source of fresh content on a consistent basis.

In the end, you can, but definitely shouldn’t have one without the other (cue Sinatra’s Love and Marriage).

For more ways SEO and content overlap, read Why SEO is Actually All About Content Marketing from kissmetrics.

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