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Selling and the uncomfortable client

by | Last updated Dec 6, 2021 | Published on Aug 24, 2011 | Savoir Stuff | 0 comments

I was waiting for a call back from a client this afternoon and spent my few extra minutes scrolling through Seth Godin’s blog posts. One from May about selling vs. inviting  caught my eye. As a business owner, I am not only responsible for making the business go, I’m also responsible for making it grow.

The line I liked the most from that post was this:  “The salesperson’s job: Help people overcome their fear so they can commit to something they’ll end up glad they invested in.”

I have a handful of clients who I know are glad they are investing in marketing efforts that are building their businesses. We worked together to help them overcome their fear and say “yes” to possibility, growth and success.

On the other hand, I spoke to a business owner today who is hesitant to invest money into marketing his business. He’s waiting for that elusive sale that will give him the money to make that investment. Since he’s been at this for two years now, the question is, when that sale comes (and it will, I’m sure of it; a few of them have already), won’t there just be another reason not to take that leap?

Several of my clients have said that one of the reasons they like working with me is that I make them uncomfortable. I push them beyond their comfort zones. I don’t let them stay where it’s safe.

Before I started working with most of my clients, they typically did some form of marketing in-house, themselves. They did what they knew. They got some results.

The reason I make them uncomfortable is that I bring new ideas a new point of view and different thinking to the table. For those that allow me to make them uncomfortable, we achieve great things and they’re happy they made the investment. For those who think they need to stay where it’s safe, let’s talk a little longer so you can commit to something you’re glad you invested in.

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