While the kids get ready to go back (either in-person or online), we’ve got some virtual learning for you – packed into six nugget-sized lessons. (Read all six and you get a gold star on the chalkboard.)

Meet the Marketing Monsters

The Search Engine Optimization Monster has but one goal – to bury your website below all of your competitors in search results. That jerk!

Luckily for you, Savoir Faire’s team of in-house superheroes stands out among even The Avengers and The Justice League. How? We always play nice together. Our search engine optimization hero doesn’t battle the SEO Monster alone. He empowers the entire team with tactics and tools to battle the beast – from website design to content creation.

Your goal with SEO is to appear at the top of search results. Going further, you can become a Google featured snippet or take over a Google answer box.

We go into detail in this post, but know ahead of time, that becoming the answer isn’t easy – but nothing about battling the SEO Monster ever has been.

Thinner, stronger list

We broadcasted the news that email marketing was far from dead long before the pandemic, but email has really seen a huge bump in engagement since March – 200%, according to MediaPost.

With the current email boon, we thought it was a great time to remind you that it’s OK – and prudent – to prune your email list from time to time. Entrepreneur makes a great point in a new article. Many people have lost or changed jobs since the pandemic began, meaning there are millions of business email addresses that are no longer valid.

Consumers use their business emails to order goods and services all the time, so it’s a good practice to purge dead emails from your list at least every other month.

We outline tips for how to keep your email list clean, and how to grow it in this post.  Remember, depending on what marketing email program you use to send emails, you could get penalized from sending to too many invalid addresses.

So, you wanna start a podcast

One Monday morning, the owner makes an announcement, “We need a podcast!” The first question back to her should be, “Why do we need a podcast?”

Sure, podcasts are huge right now, and they can help establish brands and products via content and ad placement. But, there are a lot of them, and only a small percentage of them break through to a large enough audience to warrant a business expense. Otherwise, it’s a fun, but potentially time-consuming, hobby.

We don’t want to deter your plan for a podcast, but just wanted to get that out there. If you still plan to move forward, Digital Market News has some solid information on how to get started. The article includes questions to answer before you do anything else:

What’s your niche?: It’s OK to start very specific, with a subject that attracts a smaller audience, but it’s also smart to select a subject that you can expand over time, growing your audience.

What’s the name?: If your podcast is going to be under the umbrella of an established brand, consider including the company name as part of the podcast name. If not, aim for easy to remember and unique.

Are you thinking long-term?: You should be! Creating a podcast and establishing it in the marketplace doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re willing to spend the time and money to gain some traction, don’t let it peter out by only broadcasting it for a few episodes.

Multiply your add-ons

Positive user reviews are gold. Often, when a potential customer searches your business name, reviews from Google or Yelp! are on the top of the results page.

Having good reviews helps you earn organic search rankings, but you may not have thought of using those positive reviews to help with suggestive selling. Hubspot has a new blog post that digs into this concept, and includes other add-on techniques to help drive more sales.

If you’re going to use customer reviews on your site as an upselling technique, make sure it’s for products and services that already have above-average or mostly five-star reviews.

Once you’ve ensured that, your customers sell the products or services for you, based on their own experiences via sometimes very detailed descriptions. Customer reviews might urge someone who’s on the fence right over it to a sale.

Using customer reviews can also build your trustworthiness as a brand.

Are you experienced?

Put “effective user experience” near the top of every aspect of your marketing strategy tactics. New users don’t often give you a second chance after a poor first experience.

Forbes gathered an octet of user experience (UX) gurus from the Young Entrepreneur Council to help you ensure your UX is a good one. Here’s a highlight that demonstrates how UX can be as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Solution: Consumers are savvy and know how to search for solutions, and when you clearly communicate and deliver solutions, you quickly become a trusted source.

Simplicity: Who doesn’t appreciate a simple solution that has a direct impact on their life? If your product or service is amazing, but your UX is complicated, you’ll lose out to a lesser brand with a simpler concept.

Empower: When consumers find a solution that is simple, they get empowered and share that information. When customers become brand evangelists, they’re doing your work for you – and deepening your trust factor. People take their friends’ recommendations to heart and then  to market. 


Instead of cooling its marketing during summer 2020’s pandemic, ice cream company Häagen-Dazs heated things up – and didn’t melt its audience in the process. Marketing Week has the full scoop.

Many companies took a “chillax” approach to summer marketing this year, and while Häagen-Dazs did slow its churn on traditional media output, it (chocolate) chipped up on digital.

The ice cream giant saw a big boost in engagement with its key demographic (which we guess is anyone who loves ice cream, so almost every person ever). One tactic was partnering with Secret Cinema, which added some excitement to the mix with surprise online movie screenings.

Messaging included a link where fans could order Häagen-Dazs’ flavor of the week via Amazon Prime Now – a wise move as more consumers shifted to grocery delivery.

And, you butter (pecan) believe we loved coming up with the wordplay for this POI-ce cream!

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