Social media has become increasingly a visual medium, using images and video to increase varied and engaging content. But what if your business isn’t particularly photogenic?

According to a report by Buffer and Social Media Week, images are the most shared type of content on social media, particularly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In order to compete for attention and increase engagement, images and visual content are vital. Yet some businesses just don’t present well via images or video or simply don’t possess an extensive image library to share on social media.

What can businesses can do despite a lack of imagery?

  • Think about your target audience, their likes, their interests and how they engage with your company. Use imagery that is about them not you.
  • Show off your brand by showing off your employees.
  • Create imagery around holidays and social media events to stay relevant and connected to your audience.

For more on these three tactics plus one more, read “Nothing to See Here? Social Media Marketing for Businesses That Aren’t Photogenic” from Entrepreneur.

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