We’ve all got a little monster in us.

Maybe that’s why I’ve loved monsters for as long as I can remember. Thankfully, the Savoir Faire (SFMC) team members are fans of monsters, too. I dig that they’re sharing photos of their own “little monsters,” the kid kind and the furry kind alike!

Monsters make us scream, laugh and cry. Think Frankenstein’s creature versus Grover from “Sesame Street versus any number of my ex-boyfriends. It’s that versatility that got us started sprinkling monsters around some of our internal communications. We have utilized monsters on a variety of things going back almost eight years.

Going back several years, we used adorable monsters as icons when you got to a page that no longer loaded correctly. (Yes, that monster does look like me – on purpose or not, still not sure.)  

We encouraged attendees of a major conference to “Tame the marketing monster” on our swag  and tweets (those items are hot collectibles on eBay, I’m told). And, we use monsters on some of our internal documentation as well to guide the way and keep things light. 

In 2020, we plan to introduce an entire new set of marketing monsters – thanks to our designer/illustrator Janna! (Stay tuned for those beasties who will claw their way into blog posts soon.)

Our Own Little Marketing Monsters

Of course, we don’t think of fur babies and kiddos as monsters (most of the time), but for the purposes of this post and to celebrate a holiday, let’s go with it, OK? And, we’re fortunate to have a gaggle of little ones in the Savoir Faire family (most of which are at ages where they go with the costume flow)!

Amy: Our project manager’s little monsters really get into the spirit here as Dragon and Dino-roar!

Ben: We just want to gobble up the newest member of the Savoir Faire family, who as a skeleton, already got into the Halloween candy.

Kristen: This little turtle is melting hearts all over the office.

And for those of us with furry, little monsters:

Here’s my little Tuna – traumatized as a bee. Who’s the monster here? Me.

Janna: Sometimes we’re the little monsters, making our buds get into a get up for our own purposes.

Corey: Finally, here’s our content creator’s pack – transformed from monsters into Savoir Fairies! (Who wore it best?)

It tickles me pink knowing we have a creative team that’s up for almost anything—including transforming their little ones into monsters. I can’t wait to see what monster-ific fun we get up to next year!

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