The Savoir Faire team took a little time this week to belatedly celebrate the holidays, reflect on what we accomplished in 2016 and talk about building on those accomplishments in 2017. But really, we just took a break to be together and have a little fun. Last year was a good one for Savoir Faire in many respects. The company grew and it did so by bringing together a great group of people to do great work for outstanding clients. Hence, the celebration. 

That’s all fine and lovely, but Ben, one of our team members – due to circumstances beyond our control – was not able to join us for lunch. Therefore, he was not able to prevent the following from happening. Witness, the Ben-sicle

The team selfie 
Ben, Amy and Lisa

Hey Ben – Lisa gave you rabbit ears; isn’t that hysterical? 

Ben enjoying a spot of wine

The straw is a little unusual, but, whatever.

…waiting to open his Christmas present

Ben’s such a little kid! Can’t you see the excitement in his eyes? 

…watching Janna open her gift

Look at that smirk. It’s like he knows what she’s getting! 

…paying the bill

Awww, thanks, Ben! You didn’t have to do that! 

…leaving the restaurant
…hiding in the bushes. 

Get out of the bushes, Ben! Did you have too much wine at lunch?

Maybe we should get you back to the office so you can take a little nap!  

Happy New Year from the wiseguys at Savoir Faire! We wish you all the best for 2017! 

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