Running political ads

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Local, state and national politicians and anyone running political ads will now need prior authorization to run ads on Facebook.

After being misused in an attempt to sway the 2016 election, Facebook has implemented new advertising rules including authorization procedures. In order to purchase a political ad or ad about political issues, ad buyers will need to have their identities and location verified before any ad can run.

Additionally, buyers will need to also disclose who is paying for the ads as part of the authorization process.

The process can take some time and includes a verification letter with a unique access code sent via snail mail that Facebook says can take 10 days to arrive.

Therefore, if you intend to run any political ads, it’s best to start the approval process early.

For more on this process and the new rules, read Facebook’s new authorization process for political ads goes live in the US from TechCrunch.

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