Marketers often explore ways to produce more content, from repurposing ideas and posts to curating content or using guest bloggers. But what about robots?

The world has made advancements by leaps and bounds in robotics and artificial intelligence in recent years. Joe Pulizzi even predicts that AI-generated content will be the norm in 10 years, and that in 20 years, robot content creators will be doing all the content creation.

If you make your living writing, that might be a bit scary. But Julia McCoy believes human writers will continue to be valuable among the robot horde.

She outlines how early robot writers have been able to compile data-based reports, freeing up time for reporters to develop and offer insights and analysis a robot can’t. And while the Associated Press is using natural language generation (NLG) software to publish thousands of articles, it still needs instructions from humans to use the correct style and tone.

Learn more about these robot writers and why McCoy believes human writers are irreplaceable.

P.S. I’m still waiting for my flying car and robot maid.

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