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Despite reports to the contrary, we believe marketing email is alive — and doing well! We rely on this digital tactic for most of our clients. For email to work (engage + convert), it takes the whole Faire team — from analyzing past performance to crafting a short, sweet subject line to a clever design. That’s our secret Savoir sassy sauce.

What’s my li-

We know email marketing can still deliver powerful outcomes from existing and potential customers. But, if the email remains closed, it’s a fail.

Team Savoir Faire loves writing email subject lines – probably because a couple of us are former magazine editors and it reminds us of crafting a killer headline for an article.

A third of email recipients decide whether or not to open just on the subject line, so it’s no time to be lazy. BitCatcha offers 18 tips on subject lines that win, but we really dig this one: keep it short.

One, most email subject lines are seen on a mobile device, with only so many words displayed, so your message needs to be discernable in just a few words.

Two, attention spans – Squirrel! – shrink all the time, so keeping it brief ensures it gets read and understood.

Here’s a recent email subject line of ours that delivered in the click department: Click. Watch. Plan.

Leading your leads

Successful lead nurturing converts marketing leads into prospects and, hopefully, customers. At some point a website visitor traded their contact information for something of value on your site, which is how they became a lead. Analyzing what offers convert – content, calls to action, landing pages – is a great way to begin transforming marketing leads into sales leads.

A recent post from ThomasNet offers some guidance. The gist of Step 1 is to understand that not all leads will become prospects. You can begin to score leads by analyzing the patterns. Where do they go on your site? What do they download? Do they share your content on social channels? You can add value to these actions to bubble up the leads that are more engaged and more valuable.

The next step examines the effectiveness of your nurturing. Then, it’s all about bringing the marketing and sales team together. This keeps all on the same page and helps bubble your next nurturing strategy to the top.

Finally, take all your data to develop or update some extremely relevant content and build an offer around it.

Your next sequence of events

Another post in this issue mentions the great idea of prepping automated emails now to enjoy the holiday season. But, why not enjoy some extra time all the time with ongoing automated email strategies?

E-commerce stores are used to a series of emails to customers (“Thanks for shopping!” “Are you enjoying your parka?”). But, you can also use your prospect and customer databases to nurture future sales.

Business 2 Commerce has a solid suggestion: start small with a curated list of contacts, such as those who spend above your average sale – a.k.a. VIPs. A personalized experience – with enticing offers – solidifies that VIP status and possibly creates some influencers for you.

B2C’s post offers an easy-to-follow, five-step process, demonstrating how simple it can be to prepare a successful sequence of emails – especially for those further along in the sales process.

Safe sends

Customer data is necessary to qualify a successful email marketing strategy, but customers and prospects grow more concerned about the privacy of their data. What’s a small business to do?

Business dot com does a fine job of exploring the history of digital data concerns (and breaches) as well as concepts for how to send emails in a GDPR world.

First, customers appreciate transparency and tend to trust companies who are open about what happens with their information. An opt-in function is a best practice, for example. Staying on top of current or changing customer data regulations is very important, too.

Also, be sure and audit your marketing system to ensure you aren’t (accidentally) providing customer data to third parties.

Christmas in September?

Halloween costumes clog the aisles and the smell of pumpkin spice offends the nose. It must be fall! Nope, still nearly a month of summer left, which means it time for holiday marketing strategies!

We said something similar in September last year, and now we’re seeing more posts about holiday planning pop up earlier and earlier – a good idea! The closer we get to the end of the year, the busier we – and our prospects – become.

Our pals at MailChimp have some jolly ideas for getting your plan going, including nabbing new customers via tried and true tactics, like social ads. 

But, the tool we really like is gearing up the content for your automated messages. This way, your email can work for you while you take care of holiday shopping, baking and shoveling the white stuff. Write those fourth-quarter emails tomorrow and feel less stressed once Thanksgiving gobbles along. 

How many times can email die?

MarTech Series declares email dead. Again. Sure, more young people use messenger apps for communication than email – but not every business can pour marketing dollars into that type of marketing automation. Nor do they have a team online 24/7 to answer messenger questions about products or services.

We put a mirror under the nose of marketing email. Guess what? It’s ALIVE! We see consistent engagement for our clients who represent a variety of industries. It’s an affordable tactic. It’s not too challenging to personalize emails. Plus, emails are easily shareable.

As outlined in the other POIs this issue, email marketing is not “set it and forget it.” Our entire team does their part to ensure our emails don’t look spammy, they’re clever and they deliver a bit of sass – when appropriate.

And, the next time the death bell tolls for email, we’ll probably say the same thing!

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