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I met Ken at a conference recently who was new to Twitter. I was a little surprised by his feedback as it’s a less-than-common response: “I love it,” he said. This was a Boomer-aged business owner, which made it all the more surprising. Most Boomers I’ve encountered hear “Twitter” and their immediate reaction is “who cares what I had for breakfast?”

It turns out that Ken had started out on Twitter by following other people in his industry, and a handful of industry publications. Within a month of checking in on Twitter, he had seen a piece of news from an industry publication that affected one of his customers. Ken reached out to the customer and said something to the effect of, “hey, this is a big deal.” The customer’s response was “huh?”

This allowed Ken to break the news to the customer, positioning himself as knowledgeable and well-informed – and set himself up for a whole new vein of business based on that news.

Most people I talk to who aren’t familiar with Twitter, and some of those who have just dipped their toe in, don’t see the same opportunity that Ken did.

After the event, I took a stroll through Ken’s Twitter stream and found out that he’s taken to it like a duck to water. He tweets a combination of business and personal, including both pictures of his business travels and his pets. He retweets a combination of industry news, interesting pictures and tidbits, and a bunch of hockey tweets when the Manchester Monarchs won the Calder Cup. (w00t!) He’s doing a great job and I anticipate he’ll continue to see good things come of it.

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