While you might initially think of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when you think about social media, there are many more social channels your business could be on. But which are appropriate?

Not every platform is right for your business. For example, the users of a particular social media channel may not align with any of your customer personas.

But that still leaves a host of potential social media channels on which your business might benefit. In addition to the big three, other big channels include YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, LinkedIn, and SnapChat. There are also smaller channels or networks that may suit your business better, considering their niche audiences.

Evaluate the choices based on how they fit with your brand, strategy and audience. Then, consider your ability to manage the channels. Managing a lot of different channels can be time consuming and, if you can’t handle all of them effectively, it’s better to prioritize the platforms that will get you the best result, by focusing on quality over quantity.

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