Printer error…

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It’s been an emotional roller coaster here at SFMC HQ in the past hour: the printer stopped printing just as I needed to print a document for a client. Nothing dramatic, just stopped.

Called Epson support; reached a human being (yay!). They say hardware error and can’t be fixed via reset over the phone (boo!).

They direct me to a service provider here in town (there’s an actual service provider within 3 miles of my office? YAY!).

Call the service provider; they can fix it and they would recommend the maintenance as it’s a quality machine (yay!).

Cost will be less than $100 (yay!).

Repair will take 3-5 days (boo!).

What to do in meantime? Pull old printer and install a printer I got two years ago “free” with purchase of a laptop. Box has never been opened (feeling quite pleased with self; hoarding does actually pay off sometimes).

No USB cable in box. Boo!

Wait! Same USB cable as old printer. YAY!

Printer drivers won’t install – Windows 7 not supported (boo!).

Ultimate outcome: Go to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

And, find something that will print documents for next week. (Anyone??)

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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