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Pop go your stats

by | Last updated May 26, 2022 | Published on Sep 17, 2018 | Email Marketing & Automation | 0 comments

Many email marketing sites recommend using pop-up subscribe forms to entice signups and grow your email list. However, a pop-up could affect your user experience and negatively impact your site overall.
Are you thinking about including a pop-up sign-up or subscribe form?

Matt Woodward, and SEO and affiliate marketing entrepreneur, added one to his site in order to analyze its effect on his email list as well as his site traffic.

According to Matt, after adding the pop-up, visit duration dropped, pages per visit dropped, and bounce rate increased. These trends all indicate a negative impact on the site as reflected in user behavior.

But, his conversion rate grew 44% and resulted in 52 new subscribers.

Different sites with different audiences will experience different results. For some, the form could grow the list without impacting the site or grow the list to such a degree, declines in website traffic may be negligible.

Only through analysis and measurement can you determine whether an email subscribe form in a pop-up window is worth the potential negative effects on your site traffic.

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