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No one wants to be the thought police. But having a comment moderation policy can protect you from trolls and make comment moderation easier.

A comment policy is a set of rules or guidelines for users who interact with your blog posts. These rules can help you resolve issues with questionable comment content quickly and judiciously.

This policy, like the privacy policy on your website, lets users know what the rules are. As a living-and-breathing thing, you can easily update it if you encounter situations not yet covered.

Stefanie Flaxman provides four categories of information to help you write your first blog comment policy:

  • The purpose of your comment policy
  • The type of communication you would like to see
  • The type of communication you won’t allow
  • Additional rules to protect your business and the community you are building

For more on each of these, read “Try This System to Manage Your Blog Comments Faster (and with Less Stress)” on CopyBlogger.

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