Does using exit-intent pop-ups increase conversions or just annoy people?

According to VentureHarbour, exit-intent pop-ups, a much-used lead generation strategy, is often a topic of hot debate. Those in favor of using them swear by their ability to create big gains in conversion rates. The other side argues that their negative impact on user experience is too great.

Ultimately, there are a few things to consider when deciding whether to add an exit-intent pop-up to your website conversion strategy:

  • How will it be implemented? For example: Will you put pop-ups on every page or specific, strategic pages.
  • How will it affect conversion rates?
  • What alternatives could be used instead (or alongside)?

Remember, if your website is working as it should, the exit-intent pop-up shouldn’t be necessary. Think about it as a last resort. For more on how to utilize these pop-ups and what alternatives you could try, test and evaluate, read “Do Exit-Intent Popups Actually Increase Conversions?

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