Doing the right thing can be cost prohibitive for some businesses. But now, the right thing has also become the federally-mandated thing and choice is no longer an option.

While ADA laws are less clear when it comes to website compliance, many business are facing lawsuits because their websites are inaccessible to the blind or vision impaired.

While some may argue the attorneys are on a witch hunt or are strong-arming businesses, it is becoming increasingly clear that these lawsuits will continue so long as websites are unable to accommodate everyone regardless of ability.

Two active cases include lawsuits against Domino’s Pizza and Playboy.

It makes sense that the apps and online experiences offered to sighted people should be the same for those who use screen readers and other assistive devices. In the case against Domino’s, users were unable to order pizza via the their mobile phone.

Though initially thrown out due to a lack of internet-specific guidelines, this case came back on appeal, with judges arguing that the mandates regarding “places of public accommodation” includes any internet-based services as well as mandates on building accessibility (mandates which actually never define public accommodation as a physical space).

Learn more from both sides in “Lawsuits: Domino’s, Playboy websites aren’t accessible to blind users” from Frank Witsil of the Detroit Free Press.

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