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“Pigeon” – New Meaning for Local Business

by | Last updated Dec 6, 2021 | Published on May 29, 2015 | Strategy & Analysis | 0 comments

Your business needs a strong local search engine presence to stay competitive. Google’s “Pigeon” has set the stage for success.

Google released a new update to its algorithm last year that changed the visibility of local listings in Google search results. Before, Google placed its local results ahead of sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor. Pigeon changed that and now business pages on these types of review sites can, and often do, outrank Google’s own local results.

What does this mean for you? This shift allows your business to take advantage of casting a wider net of social signals by strategically using review sites, social channels and Google+ combined to create a solid local business profile that can rank well on Google search results pages.

With mobile searches outpacing desktop searches, the need for businesses to create strong local search engine presence is growing everyday. Get started today!

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