Your business brand goes beyond your logo. It includes your messaging, your imagery, your customer service, and more. But it also includes your personal brand.

Personal branding is not just for celebrities, athletes, or other public figures. Every employee, from the CEO down, can improve the company brand via their personal branding.

A person’s personal brand, from how they dress, act, speak and work, sends a message to those within the company as well as those outside.

People trust people more than brands. They communicate with people, not brands. This makes the person’s brand as valuable to the success of the business as the company brand itself. If the person’s brand isn’t aligned with and supporting the business, it can send disparate and even negative messages.

This is especially true with your personal brand on social media. While we might like to think our personal social media accounts should remain personal, the truth is that people search  for information about those they interact with.

Learn more about how creating a personal brand is good for business and what happens when personal branding goes bad.

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