Page views are great but …

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… engagement is more important. Don’t get caught up in vanity metrics.

It’s great that your blog posts have a lot of page views. That means your search engine optimization is getting people to your posts or your social media strategy is driving traffic to your blog. But, a view is nothing more than a view.

What matters is the action taken after they have gotten to — and hopefully read — your post. The one person who reads, engages with, browses and comes back for more is worth so much more than the thousands who land on a post for a mere millisecond.

The difficult thing is getting that engagement and encouraging visitors to stick around and explore more posts or other pages on your site. Design elements we like to utilize are links to recent posts, calls-to-action for special offers and in-content links to related content that compliements or augments the current post.

Learn more in “Stop Caring About How Many ‘Views’ You Get — Do This Instead.”

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