Medium offers businesses, marketers and content writers a way to start blogging with no investment other than time. The drawback is that your content is wrapped in their layout and banners and subject to their ads and popups.  

User Nikitonsky published an interesting tirade on why Medium is a poor choice for blogging even though it’s an easy-to-use system that allows bloggers to publish content simply and has attracted a great number of users.

Some of the things Nikitonsky doesn’t like specifically include:

  • The pop-up that interrupts every visitor each time he/she visits your articles
  • The mobile experience, including Medium’s push for your readers to install their app
  • The sticky header and footer that consume 25% of your screen, making readability more difficult
  • The popup that appears if you select text and that can be accidentally clicked, especially when scrolling on a mobile device
  • The lack of tracking of engagement and clicks

Posting occasionally to third-party publishers such Medium in addition to your own blog can help disseminate your content by leveraging the site’s SEO and ability to rank. However, it’s better to host your own blog, giving you a lot more control over the user experience, layout and data collection, though there is a bit more of a learning curve when you self-host. That’s where Savoir Faire can help.

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