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Our top social sharing plugins

by | Last updated Apr 16, 2021 | Published on Feb 17, 2015 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

At this point, you probably know that creating content is an important part to getting found online and improving your search engine results. And having great content that is shareworthy is even better. But if it isn’t easy to share, then it won’t go anywhere.

Posting your content on social media can help your business; adding plugins and widgets will help readers easily spread your content for you.

Did you know, according to Alicia Lawrence of Search Engine People , 50% of internet users are active on Facebook and 52% of Marketers have gained a customer through Facebook while 35% have done so through Twitter.

Here are some of our top picks to get started with.



Shareaholic offers solutions for WordPress, Tumblr, Drupal and other popular content management systems. They offer a number of styles and options that are easy to configure and compliment your site design/layout.  They offer a large number of services through which your users can share content.  The Shareaholic service also offers analytic tools for insight into how well your sharing buttons are performing.

Our top social sharing plugins – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications




AddThis is one of the early entries into social sharing we used and we still recommend the service.  AddThis offers responsive buttons, sidebar counters, and mobile sharing toolbars as part of their Pro solution. Basic sharing sidebars, sharing buttons, newsletter sharing buttons and mobile toolbar are available in their Free version. The buttons have a few styles and options and the available services go well beyond Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. AddThis also offers analytics tools to help you gain insight into your visits, referring domains, follows, shares and other activity.


Our top social sharing plugins – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications



Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons is a WordPress plugin available for $14.  They offer 20 social services, 12 native social buttons, 19 templates and styles, 11 display locations using 4 button styles and 9 counter styles. They also offer metrics and analytics to help you track your social stats right in your WordPress Dashboard. You can easily turn on/off the Easy Social Share Buttons on individual WordPress posts.


Our top social sharing plugins – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications



Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack is a popular WordPress plugin offering a large number of tools for your WordPress site for mobile, for writing, for images and for appearance. They also offer a nice set of Social media tools including sharing buttons for your WordPress blog posts. Adding the sharing services is easy. However, Jetpack offers a limited number of services.

Our top social sharing plugins – Savoir Faire Marketing & CommunicationsOur top social sharing plugins – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications


Floating Social Bar

This is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin to add a floating share bar to blog posts, pages and other post types.  The number of services are very limited, but if you are looking for a lightweight plugin for your site, this free plugin does the trick. Scripts are only loaded when needed, making this plugin a great way to add social sharing without impacting site speed.  It takes up little page real estate and floats at the top of your post while scrolling, making sharing during reading fast and easy.


Our top social sharing plugins – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications




There are a number of social plugins and scripts available to help promote your content and engage your users, allowing them to share, follow and comment on your content. These are a few that we have used and continue to use. With all things web, test and analyze to see what works best for your specific situation.

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