Our Marketing Campaign Planner Helps You Plan to Win

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Use Our Marketing Campaign Planner to Organize your Social Content, Blogging, and Pretty Much Anything

Most editorial calendars are pretty basic; you insert your posts or plans and that’s about all. Sure, it helps you stay on track with your blogging, email strategy, social media posts, and other content, but how much help does it provide beyond that? We thought about this and created a marketing campaign planner that will help you create that editorial strategy and plan. It is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to a specific audience and their interests, pain points, and demographics while remaining simple enough that the process is still streamlined and efficient. This marketing campaign template is a great resource that allows you the luxury of planning your strategies and market even more effectively.

Why should I plan my marketing campaigns ahead of time?

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Now, that may seem a bit dramatic when it comes to whether or not you plan your marketing campaign, but it is a lot closer to the truth than you may realize. When you allow yourself time to plan and strategize, you can work out some of the bugs ahead of time and really put some thought into it as opposed to hastily throwing something together at the last minute.

Who is your audience? What do they care about? What subjects, topics or events interest them, and how can you align with those?

When you take the time to plan your marketing, you are able to see the campaign as a whole from start to finish, not just disjointed parts. This allows you to develop and hone a marketing strategy that is flexible and focused. When major decisions arise, you can stick to the plan instead of venturing out into the weeds. It also keeps your team on the same page, so everyone knows your goals and the path to get there.

New Opportunities are Easier to Evaluate

The best thing about having a plan is that it allows you to say “no.” When you are presented with new marketing opportunities, having a clear, organized plan makes it much easier to evaluate to determine if they support what you already have in place.

We all know that people throw ideas at marketers all the time. Whether it’s the boss, the client or the administrative assistant, having a plan allows you to say: “that’s a great idea and I’ll put it in our parking lot, but it doesn’t fit in with the plan we’ve developed.” (Of course, you should build in junctures in the plan where you assess performance and analyze whether it needs adjusting. That’s when those parking lot ideas come in handy.)

When you can only see bits and pieces, or you don’t have a cohesive strategy in place, you cannot properly or effectively determine whether the opportunity moves you forward or distracts you. When you are able to look at the big picture, you can see how it would fit and if it’s worth considering.

Your Marketing Plan Will Show You What’s Working – and What Isn’t

You can’t know if your marketing campaign is effective if you can’t measure it. A marketing plan provides that framework that allows you to create benchmarks, set goals, and monitor your activity so that you can measure your progress. As you reach specific milestones you can reevaluate your plan or review your activity that got you to that point. If your plan isn’t as effective as you would like or if you don’t feel it is performing the way it should, you have room to make adjustments. That is the beauty of planning.

Are you ready for your content marketing strategy to work better for you? Access our free marketing campaign planner and see what a difference a little organization can do for your marketing program.

The Google Sheet outlines traditional and non-traditional holidays, and all manner of seasons or events that may be of interest to your audience. Use it to inspire your content marketing strategy and set yourself up for success with blogging, email marketing, social media and other marketing tactics.

Our marketing campaign planner is fully customizable, and you can even set notifications so that it pings you when we update it with new information. We’ve also included access to three resources in our Marketing Resource Library. So, take a minute, look around, and pick up a few ideas to improve your marketing, social media, and branding! And of course, if you need a little help, we’re always just a click away.

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