Not just for superheroes

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Comic books aren’t just for Batman and Robin, for Archie and Betty, or for Beetle Bailey and Sgt. Snorkel.

Comics and comic books are great storytelling formats that could work for your content marketing.

They can be drawn and written in a variety of styles and can tell any number of stories, not just those of your classic superheroes. For example, there are comics that tell stories related to hospital visits, life challenges, dental hygiene or furniture assembly.

The medium is not solely the province of fantasy genres nor does it need to reflect a particular artistic style.

In “Brands Often Overlook This Superhero of Storytelling,” Jonathan Crossfield uses “The Google Chrome Comic” as an example. In 2008, Google chose to send a comic book to journalists and bloggers rather than a traditional press release.

For more examples of how brands have used this versatile, flexible and imaginative form of storytelling, read the full article.

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