Google has launched a new tool to grade your SEO. But how reliable are the results?

Google’s tool will grade your SEO from 0 to 100. The score is calculated based on a site’s crawlability. That means Google is measuring whether a page has a meta description, title element, valid hreflang tag, valid rel=canonical tag, legible fonts sizes, links with descriptive text, a successful HTTP status code and is not blocking indexing.

Simply having these things can result in a very high SEO score using But does simply having the elements equate to good SEO?

As Search Engine Journal points out, Google’s narrow focus of what SEO is allows a webpage that appears on page 8 of the SERP achieve a score of 90 in the evaluation tool.

If you view SEO as going beyond crawlability, as SEO Moz, Search Engine Journal and others do, then you’ll certainly want to take the score with a grain of salt.

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