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Hey, let’s optimize this bonus Leap Year day to get those all-important eyes on our content, OK? Here are six short ‘n’ sweet synopses that simplify the stroll to stronger sales. 

Solid Gold

You may approach a blog post like a Jackson Pollock painting and “splash” keywords throughout and claim a masterpiece. It may be, and you may be the only one to ever see it, which is why your blog should be optimized strategically.

You’re writing content for your audience and for Google – and both get smarter every day.  If you can develop, write and optimize (optimization often begins with the develop step) content in various forms that meet search engines’ criteria for good quality – which includes being authoritative and solving searchers’ queries better than others do it – your content will rank higher online.

Educational-based content is typically regarded as a format that both Google and human beings notice. Your content should provide information not found to this degree elsewhere and eases pain points for the audience. Strategic content also answers relevant questions that people are asking their search engines.

Think you’re ready for a blank canvas? We’ve got a dozen optimization tips for you in this fresh Savoir Faire blog post.

Get In Where You Fit In

You think the audience for your product or service is tiny – how about someone who offers exotic pet health insurance? SEM Rush doesn’t even have “New Guinea Singing Dog insurance” in its keyword database, despite that being a pet legal to have – in the state of Florida.

There is hope out there for small niche businesses needing to optimize their websites for search, though. Search Engine Journal offers expert advice and food for thought in a new article:

  • One, for many small niches, search data simply does not exist – but that doesn’t mean potential customers aren’t searching for you online.
  • Two, SEO can create awareness that leads to a sale after potential customers experience other interactions with your brand.
  • Three, a small audience means you can easily understand the needs of your audience. If only 10 people per month search for your product or service, and all 10 of those people buy from you, bam, that’s a huge win.

David vs. Goliath

I was just shopping at a boutique chef supply shop at the Mill #5 mall in Lowell, MA, and thought the shop was using Square to complete the sale.

“No, I use Shopify because I like to be different,” the owner smiled. Not that different, though. Shopify is a growing e-commerce platform embraced by celebrity brand influencers, and recently hit 1 million merchant users.

Shopify launched in 2006 by three pals who built their own platform to sell snowboarding gear, and today a one-stop shop for creative merchants, plus 1.4 million full-time jobs are globally supported by businesses on Shopify. Shop owners see it as a simple opportunity to offer unique wares while standing out in the marketplace, driving business.

The company is setting itself up to take on online behemoth Amazon. According to a new article on Vox, Shopify helps support entrepreneurship and new businesses by creating a merchant-first software product and constantly adapting to fast-moving changes in how we shop online. That focus will end up benefiting the consumer in the long run – and possibly make Shopify a real contender for taking on Amazon. Should Shopify be your e-commerce home?


A marketing funnel allows you to qualify your leads, and guide them through a path to becoming customers. A common funnel consists of a top, middle and bottom where,  in order, you build awareness at the top, offer education on solutions or challenges in the middle and convince customers why your offering is the best solution at the bottom.

AZ Big Media offers some insight on building your own successful marketing funnel.

Get them to the top. Content marketing, such as blog posts and e-books, start the process of landing customers by positioning you as a trusted source of information and potential problem solver.

Creating content for each level of the funnel is key. It’s also important to establish continuity within your content to move potential customers from one funnel stage to the next. One example is including a call to action in a blog post that attracts traffic to a lead generation page of your site – such as a webinar – so you are able to capture leads.

The article offers several more tactics for attracting and nurturing leads through a funnel.

Tweak Attack

There’s a variety of reasons why your open and click rates dipped, and a top one is not giving your customers a compelling reason NOT to delete before taking a look at what deals you’ve got this round.

Business 2 Community offers a variety of tips to get more eyes on your offer emails:

Add the human touch to emails by using your name – or the business owner’s name – in the “from” field.

Edit preview text your customers see to be more compelling, or your email programming doesn’t offer that type of editing, make the first line of the email more exciting.

Clean your list by segmenting out those who haven’t interacted with your emails in a set period of time, as cold subscribers can seriously hurt your overall conversion rates in the long run.

Check out four more email tips here!

Be 3D

Half the team at Savoir Faire began careers in print media, and while we’re now all experts in digital marketing, there will always be a special place in our hearts and hands for tangible print pieces.

Plus, these days, print can really help services or products stand out because a lot of marketing tends to be digital these days. The so-called “third age of print” otherwise known as 3D printing could soon see some revolutionary opportunities that combine traditional and digital marketing tactics.

Tech Digest offers some insight in a new article. First, as 3D printing becomes more mainstream – and less expensive – your brand could benefit from unique, personalized designs for specific customer types. We expect some degree of personalization in digital marketing these days, but something you can physically hold that says “you,” that’s a way to stand out!

Digital printing has made printing on a variety of materials simpler and less expensive, too. So, consider any packaging your businesses utilize that might be seen by potential customers as branding opportunities. A cardboard box you ship in emblazoned with your logo or some simple on-brand text could get used multiple times and seen by many an eye.

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