The importance of having a mobile-friendly site shouldn’t be news to you. The increasing number of people using their phones as a primary access point to the internet has made mobile-friendly sites critical to success.

While user behavior and signals such as how quickly a visitor may have bounced from a desktop-optimized site on their mobile device could affect a site’s rank, Google is going even further in trying to serve the best results to searchers.

That means, instead of simply ranking your site based on your desktop content, Google will index and rank your site based on the content of your mobile site and will start giving priority to mobile-friendly sites in searches conducted on mobile devices.

If you are using an m. or mobi. mobile site that has a clear content reduction, you are going to hurt your rank. Google isn’t just looking at sites that display well on different devices; it wants to ensure the content on the mobile experience is comprehensive and will satisfy the searcher’s query.

To help you prepare for this change, Search Engine Journal offers “5 tips to help you prepare for a mobile-first index.

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