Marketing to People (vs. Users)

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Marketers have developed a bad habit of dehumanizing their customers, which is a little bit of a problem because — the last time we checked —  customers were usually humans…right?

Aside from the occasional gorilla seen shopping at Kroger, most buyers are real, live, human beings, and should be marketed to as such.

While the technical stuff matters, sometimes we lose sight of the actual point of digital marketing, which is essentially to create a personalized and engaging customer experience that ultimately results in more engagement.

What if, through email marketing, we were able to collect critical data that could be used to improve the customer experience? Oh wait, we can. Emails can be a great way to get feedback from existing or potential customers, which will in turn help us provide a better experience next time around.

Key metrics to pay attention to are open rates and clickthrough rates, as these will signify whether your customers are finding what they’re expecting.

Casey Swanton shares her expert insights on the topic in a recent Target Marketing article.  

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