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MailChimp’s Free Email Automation Tool

by | Last updated Dec 6, 2021 | Published on Jun 6, 2017 | Email Marketing & Automation | 0 comments

Free tool alert! What used to be a service offered only to paid customers, MailChimp is now offering for free.

MailChimp email automation services provide users with the ability to send automated emails for a variety of purposes, such as welcoming new subscribers, re-engaging out of touch customers, reminding subscribers about abandoned shopping cart items, confirming orders, and more.

It’s an intuitive and efficient tool for automating email marketing campaigns of all types. But why? Why offer such a valuable service for free? It’s a simple concept. What’s good for businesses is good for MailChimp.

According to John Foreman , VP of product management at MailChimp, allowing users to access this free tool “allows them to build their brand and sell more stuff, which helps us attract and retain more customers, ultimately helping MailChimp grow.”

Check out MailChimp’s free email automation tools, here. (You’re welcome.)

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