MailChimp and Shopify breakup

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What does this mean for you and what are your available options to sync your Shopify Store with MailChimp?

There’s some discrepancy in the reasons for this disconnect, depending on if you are reading information from MailChimp or from Shopify. MailChimp states they asked to be removed based on Shopify’s updated terms and suggested the update would affect MailChimp’s customers negatively. Shopify suggests that Mailchimp’s privacy didn’t comply with their updated terms and needed to be removed from the Shopify app store.

Ingrid Lunden, with TechCrunch, suggests there might be an entirely different reason: Mailchimp acquired LomonStand, a Shopify competitor shortly before the relationship breakup was announced and may be focused on their own e-commerce offerings.

Regardless of the reason, if you are using MailChimp to send transactional emails or abandoned cart emails to your Shopify customers and prospects, you’ll need to find an alternative way to connect these services.

Mailchimp recommends third-party providers like ShopSync, Zapier and  These solutions could be used as a bridge to pass data from Shopify to Mailchimp. However, only one, ShopSync, will support the product content and product recommendation blocks available in MailChimp.

We recently sat in on a webinar from Privy, a Shopify App, which has created a new email automation system, Privy Automate, which appears to be a viable alternative to MailChimp for not only e-commerce related emails but also newsletters and other marketing emails.

We’ll keep you posted on our exploration of Privy and MailChimp’s recommended alternatives as we explore the various options.

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