Choosing to upgrade to Magento 2 is a big decision.

Magento 2 (M2) represents a major software release, encompassing large-scale changes to the open source e-commerce system and structure. Upgrading is no easy task. While there is a migration tool, themes and extensions, and other code customizations will not transfer.

Additionally, as with any new release, it will take time before third-party extension developers catch up and create new versions of their extensions (if they choose to do so rather than forego new version development). Extensions you have come to rely on might not yet be available for M2.

In fact, in considering an upgrade from 1.8 to 1.9 or 2.0, we recently chose only to go as far as 1.9 given the lack of M2 extensions currently available, as well as the site’s needs.

According to inchoo, if your Magento 1.9x site is performing well, there’s no rush to upgrade. They suggest taking time to audit your site needs, explore M2 and create an upgrade plan that addresses your functionality needs and maps your extension requirements.

While M2 should have enhanced performance, reporting and scalability, don’t rush to upgrade. Magento will support 1.9 into 2018 so you have time to plan your upgrade strategy and ensure a smooth(ish) transition.

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