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We’ve seen companies rebrand to overcome negative perceptions or a tainted reputation. But there are a couple other reasons a company might rebrand.

Rebranding can occur to address changes to a business model or offerings.

Dunkin’ Donuts, named for its key product since 1950, has found that its name doesn’t reflect its biggest seller, coffee, and their desire to focus on other breakfast items. As such, the name has become too limiting or narrow. In order to broaden it’s brand, it has removed “Donuts” from its name.

Weight Watchers is also rebranding, but for very different reasons. As WW, the company is attempting to resonate with today’s more health-conscious, less weight-conscious, consumers.

For more on these rebranding activities, read “Rebranding Becomes A Pivotal Lifeline For Marketers.

PS Can “Dunkin’” really be anything other than a coffee and donut reference?

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