Less is More

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

During the early years of online publishing, many bloggers and marketers strived to post often, regardless of content or quality.

But with the increased amounts of content being published (two million blog posts daily according to MarketingProfs), standing out and getting read is becoming increasingly difficult.

As changes in Google’s algorithms to uncover and to serve up quality content to searchers indicates, more is no longer necessarily better. Businesses and publishers will need to focus on creating quality content that grabs the readers’ (and search engines’) attention and provides valuable information or insights that address the user’s search query.

Instead of focusing on a lot of content, focus on the right content that speaks to targeted audiences on a personal level.

For more on this and other ways to improve your content marketing in 2016, read 7 Bold Predictions for Effective Content Marketing in 2016 by Mark Simmons.

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