Lead Nurturing Etiquette

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Have you ever submitted your email address on a website in order to download a whitepaper or checklist or some other item to help with your purchase decision?

After doing so, you may have received an automated followup email with your requested download. Did you receive any other emails? According to a Harvard Business Review study, 27% of online leads are never contacted after expressing an interest in a company or product.

It’s our job as marketers to be helpful and to follow up. This can be done via an automated lead nurturing system or a personal sales email. Regardless of the method, there are some etiquette tips to help convert leads into customers.

  • Map your lead nurturing to your buyer persona and buyer journey to help you create personalized messages that are relevant and timely.

  • Avoid using industry jargon when writing/talking to a lead and be polite (it still counts).

  • Respond quickly, but make sure the level of response is appropriate. Don’t email blog subscribers offering them a live demo.

  • Follow email best practices for subject lines and sending.

  • Provide value but keep your emails short. Don’t focus on yourself.

  • Don’t bombard leads with emails. While you may need several interactions to convert a lead, avoid spamming your leads.

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