Best practices in web design and UX often develop out of need and usage. But best practices may not be appropriate for your audience.

The more people that adopt a particular solution to a pain point, the more likely it will become common, or a best practice, utilized across websites.

For example, displaying breadcrumbs is a fairly common technique for helping users get around a website. They are often located near the top of the page, are smaller in font size and include hyperlinks to previous pages.

But, that doesn’t mean your audience wants or needs breadcrumbs that use this common set of conventions.

For example, Apple actually puts their breadcrumbs at the bottom of the page. According to Hubspot, “Apple’s customers are typically tech-savvy, and would likely find the navigation if they needed it.”

Whenever you are considering adopting any best practice (or breaking from it), first consider your audience, their needs and their preferences. A/B test alternatives and then use data to determine what is best for your site.

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