A lot of startups begin with off-the-wall ideas and a brand that complements their creative thinking and problem solving. However, as the company matures, the brand often becomes more slick and/or simplified. One company, however, bucks this trend.
MailChimp’s new branding takes its quirkiness to greater heights rather than dialing back any humor or weirdness, staying true to its 2001 roots.

Keeping its well-known cartoon icon, Freddie the Chimp, MailChimp’s branding now includes a typeface developed in the 1920s and strange new illustrations. The drawings are childish and whimsical and build on the humor MailChimp introduced to tech-company branding.

Pushing the envelope of humor and playfulness allows MailChimp to stand out among younger, newer tech companies that have adopted similar conventions designed to make tech more approachable.

Learn more about MailChimp’s new branding in “See MailChimp’s weird new branding” from FastCompany.

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