When reviewing the designs for your new site, watch for these mistakes and ask for adjustments.

We all make mistakes or bad design decisions, even good designers with years of experience. But there are a few that can have a significant impact on your users’ web experience and should be corrected.

Font size: Once upon a time, the common font size for websites was 12 pixels. But screens back then had lower resolutions so fonts appeared to be bigger. As higher-resolution monitors were introduced, fonts appeared much smaller and harder to read. Now, it’s more common for body copy to range between 14 and 18 pixels.

Line height: Make sure there is enough space between each line of type. Having white space helps the user read the text easily and makes the page appear less cluttered or crowded.

Text contrast: Having elements that are too similar in color value can make it difficult to read. Avoid using light text on light backgrounds or dark text on dark backgrounds.

For more on these and three additional design mistakes to watch for, read “6 Soul-Crushing Website Design Sins that can lead you to hell.

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