Being the lone planner and creator of your company’s content can be overwhelming. Here are ways to get help.

Every employee in an organization can contribute in some way to your content creation. They don’t even need to be able to write well.

When creating a lot of content, employees can contribute to content ideas, facts, information and research. This is what the Sales Lion refers to as “Insourcing.”

In his post “Ways to Generate Content from Employees,” Marcus Sheridan, explains four types of employees and how they can be utilized.

  • The Writers. These are people who have the skills to actually write articles on a given topic under deadline.
  • The Actors (sales team). These people may not sit to write a blog post but they can be used to extract information or in video interviews.
  • The Talkers. These people don’t write and don’t want to appear on video but they will talk with you 1-on-1, allowing you to generate topics and to gather information to include in your posts.
  • The Questioners. These are people, according to Marcus, who don’t necessarily have communication skills but they’re great at brainstorming content types and topics.

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